The large passage surface of the basket makes these filters particularly suitable to be installed on the suction head of the pumps, protecting them from suspended solids, impurities and foreign bodies without causing excessive pressure loss.

built with PP
no metal parts
easy to inspect and remove basket
operating pressure of 1 bar.

For the chemical industry, water purification, fish farming, galvanizing, tanning, textile, paper, and printing industries and a host of other industrial applications.
Available in connection sizes of 1” ½ F, 2” F, 2” ½ F, 3” F.


Polypropylene build, no metal parts and low head loss make them ideal for installation on a pump suction port, providing protection from suspended solids, filaments, algae, etc. The strainer can be easily removed by unscrewing the lid without the need for tools.
max. operating pressure 1 bar
For chemical sector, water treatment plants, fish farming, the galvanising, tanning, textile, paper and printing industries and a host of other applications.
Available in five different connection sizes: 1”, 11/2”, 2”, 21/2”, 3”

Technical data

Construction materials PP
Product connection 1” ½ F, 2” F, 2” ½ F, 3” F
Applicability BOXER, MB, DM
Max. air supply pressure

1 bar

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